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SeSAm offers a lot of tools for analyzing simulation results. You can either export different formats for external processing of use the integrated functions for visualization of model results. Analysis declarations are shown in the model tree as in the following picture.


A screencast that shows how an analysis is declared. (You need Shockwave Flash to watch the animation)


SeSAm offers support for online and offline analysis. Analysis items are specified by a name, a calculation rule, and one of the following types:

  1. To File : This type is for offline analysis. The data is saved as a character-separated list (.csv) into a file. The standard separating character is the semicolon ; .
  2. Table : This online analysis is similar to the above, the values are not saved to a file but shown in a table at runtime.
  3. Block : Numeric values are presented in form of a block chart. You can specify a color for each analysis item.
  4. Series : Numeric values are presented in form of a series chart. You can specify a color for each analysis item.




New Possibilities to describe a Series Analysis

In Version 1.8 new features to define an analysis have been added. Now modellers can define functions to write own labels to the scales. In older versions the current tick was denoted at the range axis, and double values were denoted at the domain axis. The user defined transformation function for each axis returns desired text labels for all values. In addition general axis names can be given.


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