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From Castor's webpage at [1]:

Castor is an Open Source data binding framework for Java[tm]. It's the shortest path between Java objects, XML documents and relational tables. Castor provides Java-to-XML binding, Java-to-SQL persistence, and more. There are introductory articles at

In short

SeSAm is using Castor to map real Java-objects to XML-tree structures. Models are saved in XML.

XML schemas are used to describe that tree structure. Castor generates the java classes that represent these structures.

XML-Reader- and XML-Writer-classes are used to 'copy' values from real SeSAm-java objects to the classes generated by Castor and vice versa. These Castor-classes can be marshalled' to generate the xml-output. And Unmarshalled to generate the SeSAm-objects.

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