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Different ways to export data exist.


The CSV analysis (anaysis to file)

For the aggregate view - export at certain time steps information that could also be stored in a variable of the world (means, standard deviations, number of agents, etc). Each timestep it writes a line with a number of values into a file. That values could be aggregated with arbitary complex functions. The interesting point is that you can describe the schedule of writing down independent from some world activities.

The CSV export Plugins

For situations where you need to export some values for every entity. It writes a line into a file for every instance of a entity class that is currently available. It can be done via the menu or with one primitive. Quite comfortable, if you want to export a selection of simple variable values for each object of a class. The csv-export/import Plugins take all resources / agents of a particular class and exports/import the selected attributes. Entities in rows, attributs in columns. If you want to export values in every tick it will write one file per tick however, which may be quite annoying. The CSV export Plugin with lists is the same but also supports exporting lists.

The FileOperationsPlugin

It finally provides primitives for writing arbitrary string lines to a text file, append lines to a text file, read in lines from a text file, string-to-filename... etc. It can be used to automatically write down information during a simulation run that can not be simply exported with the other plugins.

Print() to the console

This is intended for debugging purposes - not for exporting information. It is somehow inconvenient for exporting and may slow down the simulation.

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