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Parts of SeSAm models can be implemented as user features usefull as building blocks in multiple models. SeSAm's library of user features is a place to collaborate on such shared functionalities.

The community library of user features is hosted at [1]

You can either locate and download particular revisions of files in the trunk branch through the web interface, or use a bazaar frontend to pull a local branch of the library from You can then continue to work with the models in a version controlled manner. ([2])

With launchpad we keep the models in an accessible and collborationable infrastructure superior to wiki file attachments.

When you are working on your own models, Launchpad/bazzaar can also help you in managing/publishing your model sources for yourself/your group.

Join the "SeSAm trunk uploaders" team for write access to the sesam-featurelib development focus branch.

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