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If you have to do experiments with many simulation runs and different starting parameters SeSAm offers the possibility to distribute simulation runs within the local network. Simulation results are saved to the hard drive and can be collected after the remote simulations are finished. Use this feature to utiltize unsused computer power!!


First you have to install SeSAm and all required plugins (for the model you intend to simulate) on every machine in you LAN.


This promgrams allow you to start, and configure the remote simulation service. It will work in the background with a low priority. If the machine is unused the full system power is available. A schedule can be defined for allowed simulation times (e.g. at night).


Start SeSAmon any machine, load your model, and select "Run, Remote Simulation Runs".


This dialog shows you all machines running SeSAm in your LAN, some might already be busy others are waiting for simulation jobs.

What to do when Problems occur

  • Check if SeSAm client is installed
  • Install Service with Start - Program files - SeSAm- Simstarter (Start - Programme - SeSAm- Simstarter)
  • Stop Firewall
  • Restart Client
  • Open Start - Contol Panel - Administration - Services (Start, Systemsteuerung, Verwaltung, Dienste)
  • Restart Service " SeSAm Client"
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