SeSAm Core

SeSAm requires a Java VM installed in your computer. This installer below should then work for Windows, Mac and Linux computers.
The newest version can be found here (Java8) :
You need to have a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. If you do not have a Java RE installed, go to for downloading and installing. Then, download the zip-file and unpack the zip file in a folder you want.  SeSAm can be started by double-clicking on the "SeSAm.jar" file.
An elder, yet nicely stable version with maybe some compatibility issues with Java 8, can be found here: SeSAm 2.5.2

Unfortunately, the SeSAm development team shrinked quite a lot during the last years. We try to still handle all requests and are still happy about bug reports, etc,.. If you want to help, contact Franziska (see contact page) to get access to the workspace. This is also advisable, if you want to immediately profit from novelties, bug fixes etc.

Plugins (compatible with the pre-Java8 version)

SeSAm has a plugin mechanism. One can add arbitrary functionality programmed in Java to SeSAm. Functionality must be "declared" using some mechanism for basically specifying the signature of the functionality as well as how it should be added (e.g. an new menu item, a new action or other primitive, etc. For more information see the "Docs" tab.). A plugin then needs to be placed into the "Plugins" folder in the SeSAm folder for being automatically loaded when SeSAm starts. We provided a number of plugins that extend the basic SeSAm functionality.
  • Spatial Plugin: SeSAm-Extension for spatial representation and the two-dimensional map (You can also run SeSAm without this) - Comes with the default installation
  • Evolution Feature: Genetic operators like mutation, recombination, inheritance etc. You can tag integer (writeable) variables as "evolvable". Then, they are combined to a bitstring and can be manipulated in the model using given primitives - Comes with the default installation

  • Communication Plugin: New primitives and data types that support message-based comunication within SeSAm. Due to some Java-version problem, this just works for the old version, a new one will be available soon.

  • CSV Export: Export object descriptions to csv files. Due to some Java-version problem, this just works for the old version, a new one will be available soon.

  • File Operations: Most powerful export and import tool. Plugin for handling text files. New datatype file, primitive such as stringToFileName, writeLines (writes a list of strings to a file), appendLines (appends a list of strings to a file), readLines, etc. In the version that is downloadable above, the File Operation Plugin is already contained.

  • Convenient Functions: A number of functions that may serve as shortcuts. Due to some Java-version problem, this just works for the old version, a new one will be available soon (after some cleaning of primitive list in that plugin)

  • TimePlugin: Gives an additional abstraction layer to handle time - instead of simulation cycles, you handle seconds, minutes, etc. Due to some Java-version problem, this just works for the old version, a new one will be available soon.


Additional Plugins

The following plugins are available on request.

  • CSV Import: Import object descriptions from csv files

  • HTML Documentation Support: A complete model documentation can be generated as HTML

  • GIS Plugin: The GIS-Plugin provides a space representation based on 2d vector information. That means that no extra positioning feature is necessary or can be used concurrently. Standard SpatialInfo or SpatialInfo3D are completely independent from GIS-based positioning. We have modified standard 2d SpatialInfo for also accomodating different forms of geometries. Therefore, this ugly plugin is just necessary for importing ESRI Shape files. In a second step it is highly recommended to use the GIS2SpatialInfo for transfering the GIS-Information to more easy-to-use spatialInfos

  • OSM Plugin: A plugin for loading Open Streep Map data and translating the information into SeSAm situation maps.

  • MathPlugin: Additional math functionality

  • Primitives for sending strings to IP-Connections (as server or client)

  • Advanced geometry: DelauneyTriangulation, etc.