The first version of SeSAm was available in the winter of 1998 as result of the PhD thesis of Franziska Klügl. By then, it was a Lisp-based system mainly used in the simulation of social insects. The vision was that biologists without special training in programming languages are enabled to create their own simulations of the systems they were examining. From about 1999, we became a group of people working on SeSAm at the University of Würzburg. About they year 2000 we were lucky to receive funding that allowed us fully re-designing and re-implementing SeSAm using JAVA. Since then it has been extended and improved.
In 2008, the group moved from the University of Würzburg (Germany) to Örebro University (Sweden). It took some time to establish and setup everything, but in 2012 finally SeSAm is alive again with new versions and especially improved webpage and documentation.

During all that time, SeSAm has been applied in many application domains (more information on each of the projects coming soon):

  • Logistics (coordination, storage layout optimization, software testing)
  • Production (factory, optimized plans for different requirements)
  • Traffic (avoidance of traffic jams, traffic light control, route choice)
  • Passenger Flow (market improvement, evacuation of buildings)
  • Health Care (optimization of clinical processes, reduction of costs)
  • Biology (understanding of insect behaviour, testing theories)
  • Urban Planning (accessibility studies with dynamic populations)
We would be happy to add your project to the list. So please contact us and tell us what you are doing with SeSAm. We would also like to have feedback on SeSAm.